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About Second Hand Rose

     Second Hand Rose opened November 23, 1986 in what once was an old cafe with our name on the back of a beer banner.  Every time the wind blew hard the sign would reverse and instead of Second Hand Rose you would see Budweiser Beer.  Eventually the beer banner was replaced with a real sign.

      Our shop was quite nice with it's tongue and groove knotty pine paneling.  Business boomed, and in six months we outgrew our space and moved to the store next door which was larger.  By our second anniversary we had once again outgrown the space, so we cut a hole in the wall to connect our first store with the second.  That is when we added Men's clothing to our store.

    We take in over 400 pieces of clothing a week.  Nothing stays in our shop over two months.  After three weeks we mark items 25% off.  After 6 weeks we mark them 50% off if the consignor agrees.

    Every anniversary we celebrate with a Customer Appreciation Day consisting of gift certificates, mystery envelopes, and free food.  This is our way of thanking our customers.

    We would like to invite you to stop by and visit our shop.  So, come in an browse!  If you are looking for a specific item our friendly staff would be happy to help you find it.

                                                                            Gloria Unzen