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           Consignment Information
Seasonal Women's and Men's Clothing
                            Junior to Plus and Small to XXXL

                          *  We accept clothing that is clean, pressed and on hangers.
*  All items must be like new and current styles.
                          *  We accept all types of clothing from jeans to dresses to
The consignment Period is two months.  After 3 weeks
                             items will be 25% off.  The last 2 weeks, if consignor
                             wishes, items will be 50% off.
                          *  Second Hand Rose pays 50% of selling price.
                          *  All prices are established by Second Hand Rose.
                          *  After a two month period, all unsold items must be picked up.
                          *  All items not picked up will be donated to charity.
                          *  We pay consignors at the end of the two month period for
                              all items sold.
                          *  Appointments are necessary, and we allow up to 20 items at
                              a time.
                          *  Accessories such as jewelry, scarfs, belts, purses, and
                              shoes are not included in the 20 items.

                                 Store Hours: Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 10 - 5
                                                      Thursdays 10 - 7
                                                      Saturday 10 - 2
                                 Phone:  (218) 878-1186

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